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Name Type Description
realtime float Absolute Time
framecount int Absolute frame counter - continues to increase even if game is paused
absoluteframetime float Non-paused frametime
absoluteframestarttimestddev float -
curtime float Current time
frametime float Time spent on last server or client frame
maxClients int Current maxplayers setting
tickcount int Simluation ticks - doesn't increase when game is paused
interval_per_tick float Simulation tick interval. tickrate = 1/interval_per_tick
interpolation_amount float Interpolation amount based on fraction of next tick
simTicksThisFrame int Simulation ticks this frame
network_protocol int -
pSaveData void* Current saverestore data
m_bClient bool Set to true in client code
m_bRemoteClient bool True if we are a remote client
nTimestampNetworkingBase int -
nTimestampRandomizeWindow int -