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Name Type Description
command_number int For matching server and client commands for debugging
tick_count int The tick the client created this command
viewangles QAngle Player instantaneous view angles
aimdirection Vector For pointing devices
forwardmove float Forward velocity
sidemove float Sideways velocity
upmove float Upward velocity
buttons int Button states
impulse char Impulse command issued
weaponselect int Current weapon ID
weaponsubtype int Current weapon subtype
random_seed int For shared random functions
mousedx short Mouse accum in x from create move
mousedy short Mouse accum in y from create move
hasbeenpredicted bool Client only, tracks whether we've predicted this command at least once



Name Value Description
in_attack -
in_jump -
in_duck -
in_forward -
in_back -
in_use -
in_cancel -
in_left -
in_right -
in_moveleft -
in_moveright -
in_attack2 -
in_run -
in_reload -
in_alt1 -
in_alt2 -
in_score - Used by client.dll for when scoreboard is held down
in_speed - Player is holding the speed key
in_walk - Player holding walk key
in_zoom - Zoom key for HUD zoom
in_weapon1 - Weapon defines these bits
in_weapon2 - Weapon defines these bits
in_bullrush -
in_grenade1 -
in_grenade2 -
in_lookspin -